Garden Hills

Garden Hills has long been a favorite among Atlanta families looking for an area that offers a combination of great schools and family-friendly amenities. Offering easy access to three large parks, as well as several pocket parks, Garden Hills is a great place to explore some of Atlanta’s greenspace. Sunnybrook Park, Alexandar Park and Frankie Allen Park – which houses baseball fields, tennis courts and charming picnic areas – are all within close proximity.

The Garden Hills Pool and accompanying recreation center are also huge draws for families looking to rear children in an area of Atlanta with plenty to do and a long history of strong community sense. In fact, because Garden Hills has such a long, rich history, it’s been listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service.

As with other long standing, intown neighborhoods, Garden Hills offers a variety of architectural and real estate options for the potential buyer.

“The houses are one- or two-story brick veneer or frame dwellings. The predominant architectural styles include Tudor and Colonial Revival styles. Most are of a very high degree of craftsmanship, reflecting the upper-middle income families for whom the original development was intended.”

– National Register of Historic Places

Garden Hills brings together the feeling of a close-knit, established and elite community while at the same time offering access to public transportation, all the amenities of intown Atlanta, as well as excellent recreation and educational opportunities.

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