Midtown today is a unique and vibrant intown community that embraces its residents’ diversity. It’s an area that has seen much change since its original development of grand mansions along Peachtree Street in the 1800s. Like many areas of the South, transformation – from the post-war flocking of families to outlying suburbs to the tumultuous movements of the 1960s – took its toll on Midtown. But if you can definitively say anything about this community, it’s that it, as well as its residents, are resilient.

Since 1978, the Midtown Alliance and key players have ushered positive change into the area. New housing options, including grand restorations and the growth of the luxury condominium market, have brought new residents to the area. A focus to make Midtown an art and culture hub and an ultra-pedestrian-friendly space has been met with continual, positive success. Today, residents can opt to join an active neighborhood association that is instrumental is bolstering the community’s forward movement.

Fortune 500 companies and countless other businesses call Midtown home bringing in jobs, added revenue and plenty of employment options, plus more opportunity for growth and development. It’s nearness to some of the city’s best parks, restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping and school districts makes it an ideal place to live for a broad range of Atlanta residents.

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